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Just Mingle Speed Dating Events

So what happens at a Just Mingle Speed Dating Event?


On arrival you will be greeted by one of our hosts and introduced to other guests.  Registration will commence 30 minutes before the speed dating begins.  All the women are  seated at a table, the men sit opposite and the date commences and continues for  3 to 5 minutes, this depends on the numbers attending the event, which is normally between 30 to 40 people with a 50:50 split male and female.  Question sheets will be handed to each individual to assist you with the flow of the conversation.  Our hosts will then give the signal for the men to move on to their next date.


At the end of the speed dating session the Just Mingle hosts will collect your matchcards and inform you of your matches the following day.  The rest is then up to you.  


Just Mingle aim to provide all our guests with great venues, fun nights out and the opportunity to meet new and interesting like-minded professionals.  You never know...you could meet that 'SPECIAL' someone.  If you do not have a match you will be invited to the next event free of charge.


Go to our Events page for details or email info@justmingle.co.uk.





T:  07772 064179

E:  info@justmingle.co.uk